Excel Tip - How to calculate the number of Working Days between 2 Dates

September 11, 2019

In Excel, subtracting an Earlier Date from a Later one will calculate the number of Days in between - which can be very useful.


However, we may need to calculate the number of Working Days between 2 Dates. If that is the case then NETWORKDAYS() is your go-to function. (Makes more sense if you read this as NET WORKDAYS and not NETWORK DAYS)


It excludes weekends plus has an optional argument that will exclude Holidays and other Non-working Days that you list in a Data Range.


NB! Just like any other Date calculations though, you need to work with genuine dates (auto-aligned to the right), otherwise this will simply error.


The default weekend for the NETWORKDAYS()  Function is Saturday and Sunday. If you work Saturdays or have a completely different Weekend, then use NETWORKDAYS.INTL() which has an additional argument that enables you to set your weekend day(s).


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