MS Excel Tip: Using the ctrl key to copy cells

May 30, 2018


In the previous Tip we established that the use of the control key to Copy Files in the Windows environment has the same application when working with Sheets in Excel.


So, to create a copy of a sheet within or across workbooks, simply drag and drop the sheet while pressing the ctrl Key. The same can be done when working with cells.


By default, dragging and dropping the edge of a cell selection will move the selected range.

Hold down the ctrl key at the same time and you create a copy. Just be aware that when applying the same technique with cells that contain formula, dragging dropping without the ctrl key has the same effect as a cut and paste.


The Formula still references the exact same cells, irrespective of where you drop it. When you use the ctrl key, it’s the same as copy and paste. In other words the Formula cell references are relative to the new location, again irrespective of where you drop it.



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