Intermediate  Microsoft Excel Training Course

Learn how to grow your Excel Skills!

Want to grow your Excel Skills? Extend your MS Excel skill set with our Microsoft Excel Intermediate course.

This MS Excel course builds on the Basic Functions and Formulas covered in our Beginner Course and introduces new concepts such as Non-standard Series Generation, Data Manipulation and Conditional Formatting. We will also look at ways and means of handling larger spreadsheets and take a sneak peek at the Advanced MS Excel course content of Pivot Tables and the VLOOKUP formula.

Even though the content of this course is pitched at the Intermediate Level, there are some Key Essentials covered that even many Advanced Users are not aware of. So, if you don’t know how to change Excels’ default Decimal symbol, or why 21-07-2019 can display as 43667, or what $A$2 is, then we would strongly recommend that this is the course for you.

Public Course: R1 675 per person

Corporate Course: from R12 500 per day

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Public Courses

Gauteng: 08h30 - 16h00

KwaZulu Natal: 08h30 - 16h00


  • ​21 Oct '20


  • 14 Oct '20


  • 07 Oct '20

Comments from Attendees

“The intermediate course was excellent with the amount of detail covered. Extensive skills transfer, broad knowledge base (and) excellent assistance where and when required.”​

-  Sarvhar, VNA Consulting

“As per yesterday’s beginner course, I have taken a lot from the day. Very happy with the course and it fulfilled all my expectations. The facilitator was brilliant. Mark has the ability to get information through to you individually and explains each section thoroughly.”

– Diana, Individual

“Informative, value for money and useful to use personally and at work. Excellent Training, Professional.”

- Audrey, Global Collateral Control

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Due to Covid-19, and the safety of our clients, we have postponed public training for August & September 2020, and will instead offer Online Training, with E-Classroom sessions, over this period.

What you'll learn:

1-Day Intermediate MS Excel Training Course

Excel Key Essentials 

  • Difference between Data Types

  • Influence of Regional Settings

  • Data Formats

Non-standard Series Generation

  • Using Autofill-handle

  • Using Formula

  • Advantages & Disadvantages

Advanced Copy & Paste

  • Values or Formulas

  • Number Formats

  • Column Widths

  • Transposing data

View Optimization

  • Freeze Panes

  • Collapse / Pin Ribbon

  • Hide / Show Formula Bar / Headers

  • Data Grouping

  • Zoom options

  • Split screen

  • View Worksheets Side by Side


  • Common Formula (SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, and MIN)

  • IF statement

  • ROUND function

  • Formula best practices

Cell Referencing

  • Excels Golden Rule(s)

  • Absolute Cell References - $A$2

  • Replicating Formula

  • Referencing cells in diff. Worksheets

  • Using Named Cells

  • Linking to diff. Workbooks

  • Editing and Maintaining Links


Data Manipulation

  • Merging & Splitting

  • Flash Fill

  • Text Formulas (CONCAT)

  • Text-to-Columns

Excel Graphs

  • Simple Creation and Editing methods

  • Different Graph Types

  • Adding / Editing Graph components

  • Multiple Series Graphs

Conditional Formatting

  • Data Bars, Colour Scales etc

  • Highlighting Duplicates


  • Quick & Multi-Level Sorting

  • The NB of Data Ranges


  • Basic Filtering Recap

  • Advanced Data Type Filters

  • Using Filters to extract specific Data

Find and Replace

  • Power of Mass Edits

  • Hidden Dangers



  • Page Layout vs. Print Preview

  • Custom Headers / Footers

  • Repeating Header Rows

  • Printing gridlines

  • Page Numbers

  • Print Scaling



  • Converting Ranges to Tables

  • Table Formatting

  • Structured Cell References

  • The Totals Row

Intro to Advanced Features

  • Pivot Tables and Charts

  • VLOOKUP formula


Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Over 40 Excel Keyboard shortcuts to maximize your efficiency

Included in the course is a free Flash Drive that contains a follow along Excel Workbook with detailed notes on each Section. A summary Recap Sheet will help remind you of all the key concepts. A Course Attendance Certificate will be presented on the completion of the course.

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