Its pretty well known that the first 6 digits of your South African ID Number is your Date of Birth. Un-beknown to many though, the SA ID Number has a few other Personal Details hidden within its 13 digits!

This is the breakdown {YYMMDD}{G}{SSS}{C}{A}{Z}

YYMMDD: Date of...

January 16, 2020

A reminder of 2 very useful keyboard shortcuts!

Ctrl + ;                Current Date

Ctrl + shift + ;   Current time

These shortcuts will enter hardcoded values and will therefore not change on future days. If yo...

October 23, 2019

As you’ve hopefully discovered, working with genuine Dates in Excel enables us to group Dates by Years, Quarters & Months. This is hugely beneficial when it comes to Filtering Data or Summarising it using Pivot Tables.

What can be frustrating though, is when you need to...

September 11, 2019

In Excel, subtracting an Earlier Date from a Later one will calculate the number of Days in between - which can be very useful.

However, we may need to calculate the number of Working Days between 2 Dates. If that is the case then NETWORKDAYS() is your go-to function. (...

May 14, 2019

Anyone who has created an Excel Formula would have received an error stating that “There’s a problem with this formula”. Most of the time we spot the error straight away, fix it and our Formula is sorted. However, there are occasions that we simply cannot spot the mist...

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