Excel Tip - Extracting a Date of Birth from an ID Number

Have you ever had to extract a Date of Birth from an ID Number? A client of ours once accidentally deleted all their respective Client Birthdays. They were incredibly relieved when they were introduced to the following Formula: =DATE(LEFT(A2,2),MID(A2,3,2),MID(A2,5,2)) Simply copy and paste the above formula into cell A2 of an Excel Spreadsheet, pop your ID Number into cell A1 and it will extract the D.O.B. Click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet.

Excel Tip - Storing Generation-Z ID Numbers.

When we capture a South African ID Number, Excel recognizes it as numeric and displays it to the right of the cell. Up until recently this has not been an issue, but as Generation-Z, or more specifically those born between 2000 and 2009, start creeping into our Databases it has now become a problem. For Example: A Generation-Z ID of 0105145027085, when entered in Excel converts to a Number and displays as 105145027085! Excel hijacks the leading zero, just like it does with phone Numbers. To Fix this we need to start storing our ID numbers as Text, and to do that we either need to prefix each ID Number with an apostrophe (‘) or better still, pre-format your ID Number column as Text.

Excel Tip – Number Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of us know the classic Formatting Shortcuts like ctrl + B for Bold and ctrl + U for Underline, but in Excel where we work mostly with Numerical Content, Number Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts can come in very handy! I’ve always known that they exist, but when I put together our Excel Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts course recently, I became more aware them and have used them extensively ever since, especially Ctrl + $ for currency and ctrl + % for percentage. They are definitely the most common and also happen to be the 2 most intuitive ones! If you enjoy Keyboard Shortcuts, why not click here to sign up for our FREE Top 40 Keyboard Shortcuts Mini course. An hour here, will save you many in Exc

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