Using Excel to extract a D.O.B. from an ID Number.

Have you ever had to extract a Date of Birth from an ID Number? A client of ours once accidentally deleted all their respective Client Birthdays. They were incredibly relieved when they were introduced to the following Formula: =DATE(LEFT(A2,2),MID(A2,3,2),MID(A2,5,2)) Simply copy and paste the above formula into cell B2 of an Excel Spreadsheet, pop your ID Number into cell A2 and it will extract the D.O.B. Click here to download an example.

Excel Life Hacks - Pausing a Formula Edit

Anyone who has created an Excel Formula would have received an error stating that “There’s a problem with this formula”. Most of the time we spot the error straight away, fix it and our Formula is sorted. However, there are occasions that we simply cannot spot the mistake and it seems that the only way to come out of Edit mode is to delete all our hard work! There is a neat alternative though. Simply place an apostrophe (‘) in front of the equals sign. This hoodwinks Excel to think you’re entering text. You can then come out of edit mode without losing all your hard work and then re-edit at a later stage.

MS Excel Advanced Webinar - First Session

Picking up from where the Key Essentials Course left off, the objective of this course is to expose one to the many powerful advanced functions that Excel has to offer, as well as cover some key principles that ensure good practice while avoiding common pitfalls when working with data. Not forgetting all those useful tips and tricks to help maximize efficiencies and impress your colleagues! Each subsection is presented using a carefully designed spreadsheet that enables one to follow along using practical examples, but also contains Key Notes and illustrations that enables the Workbook to double up as Notes to keep as a reference of all Key Concepts covered. In addition, each Webinar will be

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