Excel Life Hack: Reigning in the oversized column

We’ve all been there! Double clicked between column headers to optimise the column widths only to have one column shoot out to forever and we can’t get to the end of it. If undo (ctrl + Z) is way too far back and zooming out doesn’t help, then the simplest way to reign it in is to right-click on the column, select Column Width and set it to around 50 points. You will then be able to manually adjust the column width to a reasonable size. Then either truncate the offending record or put Text Wrap on to prevent it from happening again.

Flash Fill – the Magic of Ctrl + E!

Ever need to manipulate data repeatedly through multiple rows? In the old days we would need to use complex nested Text Formula. Today (well since 2013) we can give Excel an example, and then get it to replicate this through all the other Rows simply by using the Shortcut Ctrl + E. Before you get too excited, thinking that Ctrl + E is the solution to all your Excel woes, it’s not a formula. In other words, if the data used had to change you would manually need to change your Flash Fill content. In addition, sometimes Excel doesn’t quite get it right the first time. In these cases, you then need to train it by giving it further examples in other rows. For a quick manipulation of multiple rows

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