MS Excel Tip: Keyboard shortcuts - selecting a data row or column

In a nutshell – holding down the Shift Key anchors your current cell selection, the ctrl key moves to the end of a continuous range of data and the arrow keys give you direction. Employing a combination of these keys enables one to quickly highlight a specific selection of data without using a mouse. Below are 2 common combinations that enable one to select a data row or column. To select a row of Data: First navigate to the start of the row (ctrl + left arrow) to change the cell selection to the first column in the table and then press Ctr+Shift+right arrow to highlight the entire row. NB! As in the example the selection will stop at the first empty cell, to go beyond this keep re-pressing

MS Excel Tip: Keyboard shortcuts - selecting an entire range

To select / highlight an entire range without having to drag your mouse from top left to bottom right, simply select a single cell within the range and use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + A (All). With the ctrl key still depressed, pressing A a second time will highlight the entire sheet. Simple but very effective, especially if you have a large range to highlight. NB! This will only work if the data that you’re selecting does not have any empty rows or columns. This will in effect split your data into separate ranges or regions - one of the many reasons why you should not have empty rows and columns in your data.

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